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 An accessible and transformative approach to 
health & wellbeing 

Wellsprings Sound Therapy

"... offering a welcoming and nurturing space in which people are able to find solace from their daily struggles and address their wellbeing concerns through the power of resonant sound vibrations & cultivation of present awareness..." 


About Sound Therapy

Imagine your body as an orchestra in which every instrument plays a unique role in creating music that is resonant, harmonious and in perfect flow. This is your body’s natural resonance when body and mind work well together and you feel healthy and energetic. You think positive thoughts and you feel at peace. You can sense your potential.


Now imagine, one instrument sounding out of tune. After a while, the whole music will sound out of tune because other instruments can’t compensate for the experienced disharmony over time. This is the state when your body feels tired and depleted, when you feel stressed, depressed or lethargic, when you think negative thoughts. In summary, you feel like lacking vitality.

Stress is known to be the leading cause for many illnesses in today’s busy, fast-paced society therefore it is important to look after our health and wellbeing.

Sound therapy is gentle, non-invasive vibrational therapy using clear sounding instruments such as Tibetan & Crystal Singing Bowls, bells, chimes, gongs, monochord, flute, percussion and more, to create resonant sound frequencies to restore our body’s natural resonance. Body and mind reach a state of balance, inner peace and harmony, the ideal conditions for health and wellbeing. 

Wellsprings Sound Therapy offers sound journeys for relaxation and self-care, sound massage, individual therapy sessions and life coaching in a welcoming and nurturing environment.


Stress Reduction & Deep Relaxation
Better Sleep
Relief from Symptoms of Anxiety & Depression
Pain Relief
Energy Boost & Increased Vitality
Enhanced Creativity

"Very relaxing, helped me release worries and stress and to achieve a more objective perspective on my concerns. Eva was professional with a gentle and considered approach" - Marianne

"My sound therapy session with Eva was the most relaxed and peaceful I can ever remember being in my life" - Brendan

"Eva has great tools and tips for emotional release. She is non-judgemental, accepting of where ever I am at" - Margaret

"I would recommend Eva as she has helped me with my pain and relaxation. You have to try it yourself to see the benefits" - Anne

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