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Discovering Our Inner Soundscape

The only journey is the journey within - Rainer Maria Rilke


We live in very busy and very noisy times. It’s hard for us to know what voices to listen too. We are taught from a young age to perform, to achieve goals, maybe even to do better than the generation of our parents and grandparents. There is a life out there, there are many things to discover. Maybe we even get to travel the whole globe and proudly pin our destinations to a world map to educate friends about our adventures. We are convinced that everything is possible if we only work hard, push on, never stop. Everybody else is doing it, so why can’t we?

And so we can spend much of our life on the outside without even noticing we are only orbiting the periphery of our lives. By the time we reach mid-life, some of us may wonder whether there is more to life. This can come as a shock eg through a health challenge, job loss, death of a significant person. That’s when an opening appears, a door leading into an inner world within us we had no idea existed. It doesn’t always have to be a painful experience to make us realise. Great love, the birth of a child are also experiences where we can touch on an invisible yet real world – our inner landscape. The land of true feelings and deepest desires, love. We may experience it as fleeting, but nevertheless it’s always been there and always will be. We just haven’t been taught to go there with our questions when we need answers, so we don’t have the tools to tap into it.

For most people in western societies this inner landscape seems like a very distant country, non-existent most of our lives, because the majority of us live their lives on the outside. If everyone around us live their life this way, it’s normal, like we are sitting in the same movie just that behind the screen there is another movie playing. And it may as well be the one that we really need to watch to find meaning in our life in this space and time.

Tapping into our inner landscape and listen attentively to the “music within” enables us to find our true strength and guidance to make decisions in life that reflect our essence and to align our lives with who we already are and therefore have to become.

Working as a sound therapist, I witness that sound frequencies can help my clients have access to their inner landscape. It’s not what they seek at first of course. Often it’s a challenge like poor sleep, anxiety, depression, grief or difficult emotions, that bring people through my door. Sometimes it’s just curiosity. When they experience sound therapy, they soon discover that there is a world inside of them that has been waiting to guide them so they are able to find answers to their questions and problems. Often symptoms that they were experiencing, subside or even disappear. In a relaxed, almost meditative state induced by the sounds of the instruments, people are able to enter their inner chamber without fear, judging or labelling. Often they become aware of what they are really experiencing and feeling, maybe for the first time. And this is the first step towards healing and transformative change. It is powerful.

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