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Meet Eva

Sound Therapist, Workshop Facilitator, Life Coach

Welcome to Wellsprings Sound Therapy!

I’m Eva. I am a qualified sound therapist with a private practice in Lithgow. I have always loved music and natural sounds. As a sound therapist, I am passionate about supporting people through the application of harmonic sound frequencies to heal, grow and find joy, purpose and a deeper connectedness with life.

Sounds can be transformational in a person’s life. They have been truly transformational in mine. I continue to learn and grow through my work every day.

It all started with music and nature -

Growing up in a small country town in the Egge mountains in Germany, I learnt from a young age to appreciate the natural sounds of the forest on my doorstep. The peaceful sounds instilled in me a sense of tranquillity and inner peace. They opened me up to the world of deep inner listening and intuition.

My musical family also instilled in me the love of music even before I picked up my first instrument. My profoundest memories are of my family playing music at gatherings and rites of passage, creating a sense connection and meaning - more powerful than words.

After migrating to Australia, music and the natural environment and its sounds remained my anchor when moving through sometimes challenging times of adaptation, inner growth and change, including work and family. They helped me to remain fully present to my two children and their changing needs as they grew up, and to navigate the ups and downs of parenting, without neglecting my own needs.

After a long career working in community services, I felt the time had come for me to join up my life-long interest in music and sound with my passion to help others heal and grow. I had just experienced a full-immersion sound workshop and was fascinated with the effectiveness of sound vibrations to calm my busy mind and relax and energise my tired body. I had the best sleep too, after years of poor sleep patterns!

It didn’t take me long to decide I wanted to commit to the further study of Integral Sound Healing to become a qualified sound healing practitioner and pass on the benefits of sound therapy to others.

I have worked with clients since 2017. I also facilitate mindfulness with sound workshops and public and private sound baths, also called “sound journeys”.

Wellsprings Sound Therapy offers a safe place for people who wish to embark on their own healing journey towards a healthier, joyful, and abundant version of themselves embracing life to the full.

What music do you need to hear at this time of your life?

Welcome to the world of healing sounds!

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